We are the good guys in uniform, our shield is our honor, to protect and serve. Our job is not the most easiest of all. Sometimes we face so much criticism from those whose lives we swore to protect. But on the rare days, a smile of gratitude from a rescued soul…makes it all worthwhile!… The Good Guys Ready to Work…at Your Service

The Nigerian Police as it is today needs a regular positive indoctrination by way of instilled teachings on the sublime issues


Qualities Of Highly Respected Police Officers

Accountability: Highly respected police officers sign up for duty with strong sense of responsibility. They know they will be required to justify whatever decisions and actions they take. They also know that they will be held liable and made to answer for misconducts. Read More

Becoming An Eagle Cop

The challenge to perform also known as the eagle’s edge is a motivation rendered by means of the lifestyle of the eagle. In it you will learn a series of achievement-motivation principles designed to help boost your morale and raise your performance in your policing duties using the eagle metaphor. Read More

The Persuation Of Purpose

Key insights into man’s search for meaning-discovering and delivering purpose.

1) No man is born without a purpose: You are not born without a purpose. We are placed here to fulfill a specific purpose. Regardless of whom we are or where we are from; regardless of our financial, Read More