About The Good Guy Project

We are the good guys in uniform, our shield is our honor, to protect and serve. Our job is not the most easiest of all. Sometimes we face so much criticism from those whose lives we swore to protect. But on the rare days, a smile of gratitude from a rescued soul…makes it all worthwhile!… The Good Guys Ready to Work…at Your Service

The Nigerian Police as it is today needs a regular positive indoctrination by way of instilled teachings on the sublime issues such as purpose, values, human dignity, attitude, achievement, motivation, excellence, professionalism, customer service orientation, leadership and more.

It requires an “Awareness Reform” alongside the many other ongoing structural reforms being advocated. If we are to birth a revolution in the hearts of our police officers, we must help them sincerely question where they went wrong, challenge them to remake their philosophy and commit to making big changes to how they think and work. This is what The Good Guys Project aka Law Enforcement Attitudinal Programme (LEAP) is designed to accomplish.

The objective is to help the policemen reform their philosophy. Philosophy determines production. Production equals performance. This is not an attempt to rebrand but to remake the soul of this institution through helping the men reshape their own personal philosophy or outlook on life and their profession.

This is not a quest to re-brand; it is a mission to remake. We must help the Nigerian Police rediscover its essence and re-engage with same. Only then can the prevailing negative narrative of a group of sadistic, ne’er-do-wells be changed to that for which it was principally meant – to be The Good Guys. May it someday be said that “if you are looking for good people, begin your search in the Nigerian Police.”