Becoming An Eagle Cop

The challenge to perform also known as the eagle’s edge is a motivation rendered by means of the lifestyle of the eagle. In it you will learn a series of achievement-motivation principles designed to help boost your morale and raise your performance in your policing duties using the eagle metaphor.

The eagle is perhaps one of the best teachers (if not the best) of high performance. It will inspire you to aspire towards eagle-like ideals. There is an amazing, life-transforming narrative behind this magnificent creature.

The aim is to help you soar like an eagle; to supply you with ideas to help you advance personally and professionally. To enable you become the extraordinary cop in a world of mediocrity.

1. The Twin Eagle Expectations

  • Master of the Sky: You must be a master at something in your field to prove you are an eagle
  • Guardian of the Sky: Be ready to be a guardian of your ideas and values.

2. The greatest challenge facing anyone in life is the reign of the spirit of mediocrity or business as usual. We must therefore strive to become intolerant of anything that is average. Determine that you will resist anything that is average in your life.

3. The Eagle’s sense itself as an exceptional Creature. The eagle is qualitatively different. For the eagle, it is not superiority but exceptionalism.

4. The Eagle as professional and bird of efficiency.  The eagle knows how to reduce air resistance in order to reduce the energy spent and maximize flight speed. Resistance emanates from elements of life – the things you have no control over but you must contend with at work (politics, superiors, decisions, etc)

5. The Eagle is patient in understanding. That’s why it is called a stoic bird. It is unemotional and uncomplaining. It doesn’t get upset. It is never flustered by going on around it. It has admirable patience and endurance in adversity.

6. Eagles are protective. Mother eagles are fiercely protective of their young, expertly ensuring their future success in the wild; they have extraordinary maternal instinct by their sheltering wings.

7. “Come to the edge!” – The no-nonsense upbringing. For the eagle, life begins with a no-nonsense orientation right from inside the nest when it is a mere eaglet. The eaglet is nurtured with a sense of urgent warning that says ‘learn fast and learn well, you don’t have time!’ So it is if you must thrive in today’s most demanding world, the no-nonsense, live-with-dispatch approach must permeate your mentality. You don’t have time! The sooner you take full and personal responsibility for your lot in life the better. This is the initiative imperative and the disposition to getting things done.

8. Performance is not a birth right; it is not an eternal entitlement. Performance is a lease. It must be renewed regularly. Eagles don’t live on past glory.

9. Choosing performance over conformance. We are either performing or conforming at every given point in time. We are either champions of performance or creatures of conformance. “There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mind.” – Carl Sandburg.

10. Look how majestic the eagle appears – unflustered in every way. Even in flight, it never flutters like other birds, rather the eagle soars. We must let our spirits soar in these turbulent times by challenging ourselves to be eagles in all we do.

11. Managing the attribute-Attitude gap (Taking responsibility from nature’s generosity). The eagle is gifted with certain inalienable attributes. But it goes further to demonstrate its understanding of the responsibility these endowments place on it.

12. Becoming Eagle- Eyed. Mastering the eagle keen sense to notice what others (especially the competition) might miss in the line of duty.  Especially Vision – keen eyesight, especially over long distance. The ability to notice what others might miss. Is your thinking finely tuned and able to sense minor differences, distinctions or details in your field of work or endeavor? How intense and lively are you living and working? Do you have the acute thinking such that you are quick to understand things (opportunities, adversities etc) happening on your job or in your business environment?

13. A navigational sense and performing against the odds. Strategies for facing challenges headlong with steely determination. (The power of a no-excuses lifestyle) “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors” – African proverb. The eagle never migrates (like other birds) in the face of the storm or bad weather. Becoming a master navigator in the course of duty – intelligence resource utilization and leveraging on your assets to get things done and max out potentialities.

14. No short cuts. Best practice mentalities and high standard expectations in the workplace. The eagle hunts its prey rather than wait for dead meat. An indication of an excellent disposition. High aims for high gains. Why and how big, hairy and audacious goals can set us apart from the pack – restoring boldness to corporate baldness. Go big or go home! “When you soar like the eagle, you attract the hunters.” = Miton S. Gould. “Every shortcut I take always leaves me short.” Ubong Essien. For every shortcut you take you will always come up short.

15. Commitment to the cause of the company. The eagle never says die to its vision, mission, and values. With its ‘no-matter-what’ mentality It will lay down even its life for its quest. And it`s a finisher par excellence.

16. Orientation to self- renewal. At what seems like the twilight of its life and evidenced in its heavy wings, calcified and blunt bleak, slow speed and weak vision, the eagle takes time off its regular schedule to renew its attributes through a process of molting. Teaching us the art of renewing our edge on a continuing and never-ending basis; renewing our lease on performance through renewing our lock on endurance. Self-renewal by way of additional skills acquisition and competency updating. The eagle remains committed to its self-renewal. This is a lifelong dedication both to self and posterity.

17. Being the best at what we do and settling for nothing less. Having the capacity to look straight and directly into the sun is the rarest of avian abilities headed for the sun.