In Search Of The Good Guys

Through a series of well-crafted motivational sessions delivered consistently to law enforcement personnel, we can champion a new police philosophy: we can help the police redesign its essence and positively change the narrative of the Nigerian Police Force. This more inside-out approach can set us on course towards restoring the public’s trust in the institution. Attitude is key to inspired police work, especially in today’s chaotic context.

  • Ubong Essein, CSP – Nigeria’s Mister Motivator and West Africa’s only Certified Speaking Professional

I have known Mr Fola Arthur-Worrey (CEO, LSSTF) since 2009 when we both spoke at a retreat for lawyers at the Obudu Ranch Resort in Cross River State. Fola was there to – in his usual manner – dissect the intricacies of legal practices for the lawyers. My brief was simply that of a motivationalist – to inspire the legal minds gathered to dream big and conquer their world. Everyone wanted to be around Fola because he always had something relevant to say about any subject of national importance.

Over the years, we have continued to meet and enjoy deep cerebral interactions at his office in Lagos. Whenever we sat to converse, time flew by fast and before we knew it we would have spent 3 to 4 hours talking essentially about human development and the black man and why we are still where we are – behind the curve of human progress. But we never stopped there.

Very often, after our usually frustrating but painful reflection over our corporate status of subnormality, we would go a step further to proffer our thoughtful suggestions for correcting our collective national malady. But who was listening? He was, apparently. Little wonder he challenged me that Tuesday the 25th of August, 2015, to muster up a motivational intervention programme for the policemen of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos.

I thank Fola Arthur-Worrey and the Lagos State Security Trust Fund for the opportunity to design and execute “The Good Guys – Law Enforcement Attitudinal Programme (LEAP)”, which he has so generously endorsed as ‘Conceptually Brilliant’.

As we move determinedly, from concept to project, it Is my hope that this will be the beginning of many more interventions to help reshape the minds and revive the hearts of our men and women in uniform, to help them regain that ultimate sense of pride in donning the colours that symbolize our preservation of law and order and quality of life. And to ultimately elicit the much sought after reciprocity of mutual admiration and appreciation between the police and the policed.