Qualities Of Highly Respected Police Officers

Accountability: Highly respected police officers sign up for duty with strong sense of responsibility. They know they will be required to justify whatever decisions and actions they take. They also know that they will be held liable and made to answer for misconducts. Read More

Becoming An Eagle Cop

The challenge to perform also known as the eagle’s edge is a motivation rendered by means of the lifestyle of the eagle. In it you will learn a series of achievement-motivation principles designed to help boost your morale and raise your performance in your policing duties using the eagle metaphor. Read More

The Persuation Of Purpose

Key insights into man’s search for meaning-discovering and delivering purpose.

1) No man is born without a purpose: You are not born without a purpose. We are placed here to fulfill a specific purpose. Regardless of whom we are or where we are from; regardless of our financial, Read More

Becoming Heroes Again

We will be interacting and seeing how we can help ourselves as individuals first and foremost. It is when you are a great individual, that the work you do will become better. We know that the circumstances that the police operate are not ideal, some officers work under very stressful and difficult conditions. Sometimes as a police officer you look at  Read More

The Magnitude Of Your Attitude

Attitude matters. The most important thing in life you can ever learn about you can ever learn to manage, control, shape and direct is your attitude.

  • It is the one thing that can determine every other thing in your life and career.
  • Will you make the most of the situation or will you moan the most about your situation? Read More